Emmy Nominated Documentary, Transfomed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel

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About the Film

Directed by David Womick
Written and Produced by Thomas Kaye
Edited by Adam Seaver
Narrated by Peter Thomas
© 2007-2009 De Gauw Publishing

Journey with Hans Godo Frabel through
the mesmerizing world of glass

This Emmy Nominated documentary titled "Transformed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel", will take the viewer on a trip to Germany and the Czech Republic to showcase the history of glass, the Frabel Studio and Hans Godo Frabel. Frabel, a pioneer in transforming flamework glass into an art form, shares his incredible talent and shows works he created over the years. Learn about the exciting history of glass and glass art throughout the ages and the creation of some of the most incredible flamework glass sculptures of all time by this flameworking pioneer.

The documentary includes interviews with President Jimmy Carter (one of the many famous Frabel collectors), Hans Godo Frabel, Tina Oldknow (curator with the Corning Museum of Glass), Robert Mickelsen (glass artist), and Dr. Dirk Springer (Schott Glass, Germany). It was narrated by Peter Thomas, one of the most famous and most recognizable voices in the industry.

“Transformed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel” was nominated for two Emmys in 2008, in the categories of Cinematography and Editing and is a must-see for anyone interested in glass art.

Special Feature

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The step-by-step creation of a “Cavorting Clown” hollow glass sculpture by Hans Godo Frabel



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Robert MickelsonHans Godo FrabelBotanical Garden show


The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) has decided to become the distributor of the the High Definition documentary "Transformed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel", which was initially launched by Public Broadcasting Atlanta in March 2007.

Director David Womick said the following about the partnership with NETA: "We are thrilled to cooperate with a wonderful organization as NETA to distribute this documentary for us. A large group of people worked very hard on the creation of this documentary and each and every one of them is excited to know that TV stations in over 40 states will now have access to this High Definition program."

NETA is a professional association founded in 1997 to serve public television licensees and affiliated educational organizations. The organization has members in 43 states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands. NETA is headquartered in Columbia, SC.

The High Definition documentary "Transformed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel", first aired by PBA in Georgia in March of 2007 was nominated for 2 Emmy's in the categories of Cinematography and Editing.

The High Definition documentary "Transformed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel", first aired by PBA in Georgia in March of 2007 was nominated for 2 Emmy's in the categories of Cinematography and Editing.

The Producer of this documentary Thomas Kaye said: "It is an honor being nominated for 2 Southeastern Emmy's. The team worked very hard for this success and we travelled over a month through Europe and to several locations in the US to get all the footage and interviews needed for this documentary. We had well over 100 hours of great footage, which is also the reason why not even one single scene in the entire documentary had to be repeated, a trick oftentimes used to "fill" spots where the editor does not have enough footage. The camera crew and editors should be very proud of themselves and they certainly deserve this recognition."

The documentary "Transformed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel" has reached another important milestone. It has been broadcasted by over 50 different stations in North America and over 30% of all Americans have had the opportunity to see this documentary about the history of glass and glass art.

The Producer of "Transformed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel" Thomas Kaye said: "It is always wonderful for a filmmaker to hear that a large number of people have had the opportunity to see your work. I understand that over 100 million fellow Americans had the chance to see our work, which is an incredible honor. Rest assured that we are working hard on several new projects to try to top the success of this documentary."

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